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Second Opinion

When should you get a second opinion?

Today dental treatment is far more involved than in the past.  Different treatment philosophies as well a treatment types makes what used to be a simple process far more complicated and confusing.  As the costs of dental care increases many patients are uneasy committing to expensive treatment plans.  In such a situation, a second opinion can be helpful.   Seeking a second opinion can help clarify:

  • the need for treatment.
  • provide a sequence for the planned treatment to better fit therapeutic and financial priorities.
  • identify other undiagnosed issues that would adversely affect the planned treatment.
  • provide alternatives to the existing treatment plan that may not have been discussed.

As a Board Certified Periodontist, Dr. Manhart is uniquely positioned to evaluate complicated treatment plans.  The scope of periodontal treatment touches on all other areas of dentistry.  If you have question or are uneasy regarding any planned dental work, please call Periodontal Specialists and ask our staff about seeking a second opinion.  406-655-7970

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