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Treatment Options With Dr. Manhart

If you are suffering from gum disease or any other inflammatory oral condition, have lost teeth, or your teeth are worn out and ground down, we will be happy to explain to you your options for replacing teeth. Watch our videos below to learn more about our dental implant services, laser treatments for gum disease, and many more procedures.

Contact us to also discover the options available to you to regarding bone loss around dental implants and how this can be prevented. Call us at 406-655-7970 or fill out this form to schedule an appointment to get dental implant quotes quickly from our highly trained team.

LANAP Interview:

The LASER alternative to traditional gum surgery.Call today or click for a consultation. 406-655-7970 Over…

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Gummy Smiles

Your gums. Your health. Studies link gum disease with heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other…

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The Laser

The current and coming revolution of lasers in healthcare We have all heard about lasers…

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